I've just returned from a 10 week trip to Europe and have uploaded all of my travel photos. I've attempted to put descriptions in each gallery but I'll never have the time to label each photo unfortunately.

We flew out of Vancouver BC direct to Paris France. We then hopped the TGV to Nimes where we spent a week before returning to Paris for 3 weeks. We needed to get to Croatia from Paris but flights from London were half the price and my mother's family came from England so we combined the flight and a trip to Thorbury England to see the old dead dudes together. There's a much longer story in there but it will have to wait....

Our flight to "Croatia" was actually to Trieste Italy where we took a taxi to Villa Opicina where we got a Slovenian taxi to Ljubljana. We stayed there for 3 days before taking a train to Zagreb Croatia and a bus from there to Zadar Croatia where we spent a week.  A bus took us from Zadar to Split for 5 days and then we moved to the island of Ciovo to rest and relax.

We flew from Trogir/Ciovo/Split to Florence Italy where we had two days and then a highs speed train took us to Bologna for two days and then we flew back to Paris and on to Vancouver BC again. The Amtrak Cascades train took us home.

I'll do a real blog post later (or even a series) outlining the trip itself. Until then here's the link http://grantmcwilliams.com/travel/photo-gallery/europe-2015