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Vancouver BC - 2015

This is our annual "Run to British Columbia" Valentine's Day weekend. We went to Vancouver using the best mode of transportation - Amtrak Cascades and attempted to stay at the Victorian Hotel. My reservation however was for the next month. I'm not sure how that happened but they were full and referred us to the Kingsman Bed and Breakfast which is just NOT the same quality of hotel. The one advantage of the Kingsman Bed and Breakfast is that even though they advertise free breakfast (ahem, a bagel is NOT breakfast) it was right across the street from the very popular Medina Cafe which has real breakfast available. 

We had Valentine's day dinner at Bacchus Restaurant, did the Capilano Suspension bridges, saw the aquarium and made a couple trips to Granville Island. Overall a nice weekend.

See my blog post with more info - Valentine's day weekend.